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What does textile mean?

Textile literally means "anything that is woven". The word is derived from the Latin word for weaving: "texere". Textile is a material that consists of filaments (continuous threads) or fibres (short pieces of thread). Textiles are produced by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting or felting.

Where do textiles come from?

The first spinning mills, which worked mechanically thanks to wind and water power, were built around 1800. From around 1850 onwards, large textile factories were established that worked with machines and were therefore able to produce more. In the 19th century, the production of linen and cotton also increased.

How are fabrics made?

A fibre source is the first prerequisite for producing textiles. The main fibres are obtained from wool, flax and cotton. Later, various types of synthetic fibres were added, starting with artificial silk in 1884. Yarn can be made from all these fibres, usually by spinning.

Clothing made from yarn 

So the core is yarn. These yarns can be made from many different raw materials, all of which have their own specific properties. Some yarns are made from natural fibres such as cotton or wool, others from man-made fibres such as polyester.

The most important plant fibre is still cotton, followed by linen. Hemp, nettle and bamboo are now also used in clothing. Other fibres are Manila hemp, sisal, coconut, etc. The most important animal fibre is wool, followed by silk, angora, camel and various other types of hair.

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